My Mexican Journal

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My Wild Orchids

I never had an orchid before I moved to Mexico. Here in the jungle they grow wild. You find them on the sides of trees and on fallen logs. I inherited a few when I bought my house here. Over the years it’s been so fun to watch them grow and surprise me with their...

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Spiders in the Jungle

There are so many amazing and beautiful bugs here in my garden, not the least of which are the amazing spiders!!! In the jungle around me dwell the red-rump tarantula, which are actually elegant and docile bugs. They are pretty scary looking because they are rather...

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My Love Affair With Tortillas

When I first arrived in Mexico, I didn't get tortillas. It's not that I wasn't served tortillas; they were presented to me at every meal. It's that I didn't grasp the concept of why eating tortillas was a good thing to do! Especially when there was so much delicious...

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A Sparkly New Monday Morning

Ah it's Monday Morning and I feel so fresh!!! What can give you a fresher start, than a sparkly new Monday morning!? Well how about the monday morning after Easter, the day to celebrate the Resurrection of the Christ?!!! Now THAT’s an immaculate new beginning !!! So...

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Manifestation With Clarity

I believe in manifestation with clarity. That is if you can get very clear about what you want, you can bring it about. Here is an example… So I am down here in Mexico, and I found a little house right in the middle of a Cenote Park, surrounded by jungle. I am 2 klms...

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It’s Amazing How Life Can Change

When I came to visit Tulum, in Aug 2014, I fell in love with this place. This is the gorgeous Mayan Riviera Mexico, the Caribbean coast of the Southern Yucatan. I dare say, I had decided even before I got here, that this was the scene of the next phase of my life...

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