When i came to see Jennifer she asked me what my intention was for the healing session. I said I wanted clarity about my path, and to feel unblocked, because my energy felt blocked. Once she began, I felt my body relaxing right away. I began to feel my energy start to move. I felt my energy blockages dissolving, All thru the session, I felt her words integrating into my energy field and I when it was over, I felt refreshed. When I first opened my eyes afterwards, the air looked clear & bright, as if i could see with more clarity! It felt really good and I would absolutely do it again!!

I told Jennifer I would like to work on my procrastination issues. She had a lush and comfortable lounge which she told me to make myself comfortable upon. After laying down, I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of mysterious instruments. It sounded very beautiful. Then Jennifer started singing my soul song. With my eyes still closed, I saw visions of dancing color. I sensed energy running through my body and I felt very excited. I could hardly stay still!

After that, Jennifer emailed me a recording of my personal soul song and I listened to it every morning and every night for two weeks. She told me to listen for six days, but I appreciated the benefit of making a ritual of listening to it, so I continued listening to it every day and night. Ever since my visit with Jennifer, I have felt a renewed connection with my own natural uninhibited ambition and my place in the universe. Thank you Jennifer!


Artist / Author / Designer, Jenny Harada

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