Spiritual Survey / Quiz

Would you call yourself a spiritual seeker? If not, how would you describe your spirituality?

What are your GOALS?

What are your DREAMS?

What would you like to see more of/work on in your journey?

Do you see PROGRESS? Please describe

In what areas do you need guidance?

Do you feel blocked? How/where?

What started you on your path as a SPIRITUAL SEEKER?

What aspects of spiritual realms have you studied ?

What areas of Spiritual Development attract/ resonate with you?

What MYSTICAL experiences have you had?

Do you experience forms of EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION, or other gifts/skills?

How would you like to further develop yourself?

In which, if any, areas are you seeking mentorship?

How do you feel your Spiritual Journey impacts your 3D life?

If you have not yet discovered these experiences, how would you like MYSTICAL experiences to impact your life?

Check those which you feel drawn to:

☐ alternative healing modalities ☐ Crystals ☐ Ceremonies / Rituals ☐ Tarot ☐ Other Oracles such as I Ching etc
☐ plant medicines ☐ Fairies ☐ Magic & Spells ☐ Shamanic Work ☐ Astrology ☐ Meditation ☐ Divining w/Pendulums etc
☐ ESP/ Intuition ☐ Spirit Animals / Totems ☐ Astral Projection ☐ Numerology / Angel Numbers ☐ ET’s

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