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Welcome to my Soul Portraits page

I am so blessed to share this gift of creating a Unique Work of Art for you, your very own SOUL PORTRAIT!
I call it “Artistic Alchemy”.
The process:
During our consultation, my Angels and guides will connect with yours to download all the relevant components of your unique Soul Portrait, including colors, symbols, imagery & more. These will compose your personal “Artistic Alchemy object”, or your “Soul Portrait” – divinely designed, energetically charged & meticulously created expressly to aid you in reaching & living in your highest energetic frequency.
Your Soul Portrait can be part of your Alter, hang in a Meditation space or simply work as a sacred Art Piece to adorn & anchor your home.
Your Soul Portrait serves as a tool to keep you Connected to your highest potential, your true Soul Essence, to stay focused in the Now, and keep you aligned with the flow of Universal Energy of Creation.
Connecting with your Soul Portrait brings Peace, Lightness, Abundance and Joy to all your Now moments.
Entrain your mind to align with the frequency of your Soul Portrait, let it guide you to a perpetual state of self Awareness Your “Artistic Alchemy object” is interactive, program it to help you focus your attention on your own heart centered intentions such as Self Actualization (to Know Thyself), to quiet mind chatter, upgrade beliefs and mental programs which no longer serve etc…

As you work with your Portrait; Anxiety and negative mind programs diminish while Imagination and Creativity soar. You will experience Your Power of Concentration and Focus increasing, leading to higher productivity, happiness, well being and Prosperity
2.) How it works:
Choose the size of Soul Portrait from the box below, and make your payment.
Then schedule your Skype Consult.
This is a 20 minute online meeting where my guides connect with yours as we get to know each other.
You can wear whatever you like and I can do a screen capture reference photo to work with,
or you can send me other photos via email if you wish. Its important to note that this portrait is an “Artistic Alchemy object”, it serves as a
energy transducer or as a vehicle for energy frequency, so what you wear, capturing the right angle etc is not relevant, trust that all is
divinely arranged for your highest and best good & purpose.
Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for the creation of the Soul Portrait, (depending on how long my waiting list is currently) plus 2 weeks for shipping.
At any time if you have any questions please send them to:
And we will do our best to answer in a timely fashion

3.) Please Choose Your size and medium of Soul Portrait:
Ó. SMALL on Paper $150 (11×17). Ó. SMALL on Canvas $350 (11×17)
Ó. LARGE on Paper $250 (18 x 24). Ó. LARGE on Paper $250 (18 x 24)
PLEASE NOTE: $25 Flat Shipping Fee will be added to your total.

6.) EXAMPLES – LINK to see examples of other ppl’s Soul Portraits -6 thumbnails /clickable to see bigger

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