jeepI believe in manifestation with clarity. That is if you can get very clear about what you want, you can bring it about. Here is an example…

So I am down here in Mexico, and I found a little house right in the middle of a Cenote Park, surrounded by jungle. I am 2 klms from the beach!! and 15 klm from the town. It is necessary for the first time in my life to buy a car. Up till now living in NYC, a car was a luxury that I never afforded myself, it simply was not necessary. But here it’s a different story. I live on a bumpy dirt road through the tropical woods. My friend said he would help me get a good car, that we could go to nearest city, Merida, where they had a huge car sale every weekend with hundreds of cars, maybe even thousands, we could bring a mechanic and check all the papers and numbers to make sure the cars were legal.

I was really thankful for the help because to me this whole process sounded like a hassle and a nightmare. I was really dreading doing this. It’s a 4 hour bus ride to Merida. And I don’t know the first thing about cars! So when my friend asked me, “What type of car do you want?” I said, “A gold one!”

Not ostentatious gold, but subtle, like platinum!

And I don’t want black interior because with the sun down here, black interiors become like ovens! I would like white, no that gets too dirty, off white like beige, like the color of sand! Of course my friend laughed at me, he said “I need to know what kind of car you want!” Well, I wanted a Jeep but I only wanted to spend $3500 and Jeeps are really expensive down here (maybe everywhere? I just don’t know squat about cars!) Just then a cute Jeep-like car went by and I said “One like that!” My friend’s face lit up with enthusiasm “Oh, a Ford Tracker?!! Yes that’s a great choice, I love Trackers, I used to have one, and they are affordable!! Ok, so now that i know what you want, I can ask my friend who is a car dealer to find one for you!” I was really relieved, as I didn’t have a clue how to choose a car, and when I looked it up online, I found a list kindly posted by a man to help one buy cars in Mexico. It was 4 pages long; check the tires (for what?) look inside the hood to see if car has been repainted, check the sprocket gauge and the blah blah blah motor oil blah di bloop more boring things…It was a really long list!! I was so NOT into it!

Luckily a few days later my friend called to tell me that his friend came through with two great options and he had photos. I didn’t want to seem ungracious, but the first option what white and the second one was red (the two colors of ‘tourist’ cars) and they both had black interiors!! Not to mention that they both cost $5000 each.

I was to choose one from the photo, and his friend would drive it to Tulum for me to see & buy! Suddenly, it felt a bit like a trap. What if I didn’t like it when it arrived, if the seat was lumpy or it smelled like cats? I would have to say no and then pay the guy something for his trouble, I am sure he would not want to help us further, my inner voice sensed conflict, just say no it warned!! So I said, “I just don’t want to commit to a car by photo…I told you the car I want is a warm gold Jeep with interior and exterior the color of sand for $3500, these cars are nothing like that.” Again my friend protested, “Jenny, Jeeps are expensive, I don’t know if we can find that, but if you want me to tell my friend not to come I will. Let’s wait till the weekend, and maybe we can go to Merida, that way there is less pressure.” I agreed, but secretly I didn’t like that option either!

I just wanted the car to come to me, effortlessly, is that so much to ask?

Apparently not, because the next morning I got a call from my friend, “Jenny come to meet me right now I have a surprise for you!!” His voice was elated! I raced my rental car to the supermarket parking lot and there is my friend standing next to my beautiful Gold Jeep Arena (which means “Sand” in Spanish!) With all beige interiors, with upholstery like new (even though the car is 19 years young!) And the price? $3,500…I named it “Happy”!

Love, Jennifer


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