Butterflies-blogWhen I came to visit Tulum, in Aug 2014, I fell in love with this place. This is the gorgeous Mayan Riviera Mexico, the Caribbean coast of the Southern Yucatan. I dare say, I had decided even before I got here, that this was the scene of the next phase of my life adventure! I love living life as an adventure, that is who I am. I have never craved security. I thrive on new experiences and challenging myself. I just like taking chances, not playing it safe. I feel, I have nothing to lose, as long as I enjoy the process. It must be said that uprooting my life as a Footwear Designer in NYC and moving to Mexico was not an easy enterprise. But typing this while surrounded by tropical bird songs in the early morning makes it all worthwhile. The house I am building here in the gorgeous Mayan Riviera Mexico (where the jungle meets the beach!) is really coming along, as I see my dream take shape, it is a thrill beyond satisfaction. Today my crew of Mayan artisans are finishing off the upstairs bathroom, I designed it to be my own personal jungle spa, complete with a claw footed tub and a swarm of butterflies swirling across the tiled walls.

People ask me how could I give up the beautiful prewar apt that I loved so dearly back in NY, it was touch melancholy letting go of that life. But I felt compelled to let it all go, to start anew. And so here I am, it is not better or worse, it is new and different, and now I am surrounded by spectacular nature!


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Love, Jennifer

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