Awaken to the new spirituality for the 21st century.

The Healing ceremonies of our JoySpa distill the essential energies of traditional Mayan Mysticism, blending them with a cutting edge modern sensibility, informed by the principles of quantum physics, inviting participants to tap into the essence of their authentic self, reconnect with their own creativity and reignite their passion. By quieting the static noise of modern life and ReAligning with the energetic rhythms and flow of Nature, we establish a sense of lasting inner peace our seekers may take away with them.

The Money Ceremony

Many modern day people are longing for soul reconnection, but may find the idea of
the full on ancient ceremonial techniques alienating.

My definition of Ritual is: a practice that is repeated so as to create/ingrain a positive thought pattern…
My definition of a Ceremony is a celebratory event performed to set an intention and to honor or bless that intention, and to invite the universal energies to join in creation and support of our Intention. It is the launching of our wishes and desires into the limitless field of manifestation Ceremonies celebrate the sacredness of all creation, and serve to define us as co creators of our world!

The intention of The Money Ceremony is to bring abundance consciousness into our lives, and to help us recognize how all things are possible, we have limitless potential!


To believe in the power of the unseen Energies and Essences of the Universe, those not defined by the parameters of our physical 3D world, require one to have faith … Faith may be blind, but somewhere deep inside of us there is a pulse, an inner knowing, there is more to this life than meets the eye. There is a faint memory, just beyond our waking grasp, like a dream that dissipates when one tries to bring it into focus, this is what drives us on a quest for the infinite. A journey that cannot be defined, it just is.


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