Living oFf the grid on the Mayan Riviera

Meet Jennifer


Hola, I’m Jennifer,  an artist, spiritual Entrepreneur & Green living enthusiast.

After studying Fine Art & Fashion, I started a career as a Shoe Designer in New York City. After designing for over 10 years and traveling all over the world,  I left NYC to pursue my dream of living a spiritual & artistic life in Tulum Mexico.

I built a green homestead in the jungle, next to the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea. I created this blog to share my adventures, and also my creative services with you.


Come share my magical jungle world and meet Jose my helper, my dog Momo and my cat Samba.
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Meet Jose

Jose is my helper, my groundskeeper and my own personal Angel!! He is an indigenous Mayan, raised in an idyllic farm community in the Yucatan.

Woof, I’m Momo!!

I love to play and go for long, long -seriously, long walks in the jungle & meeting new friends!
I also love eating lettuce!!

Meow! Meet Samba!

She is the sweetest jungle tiger ever!!!
(unless you’re a mouse!)

My Life Story 

I was born searching for the doorway to other worlds!! From a young age felt a strong connection to the Mystical world yet neither Spirituality nor religion played a major role in my upbringing. My uncle introduced me to the mystics of the Far East and meditation at the age of 5. This led to me to believe there was much more to life than meets the eye. Gifted in the arts, In College in NYC, I studied both Fashion, and Fine Arts. I pursued a career in fashion, and became deeply enmeshed in the 3d material world. After a trip to the mental hospital, and a Bipolar diagnosis, at age 24, I realized that I needed to find a new technique for living. I felt that this was something I could overcome, it never occurred to me that I was out of my control. I felt I had patterned myself on unbalanced behavior of my Bipolar Mother, and now I had to realize that everything I had learned till that point, lead me to a breakdown and a stint in the Mental Hospital. It was my Dark Night of the Soul, after that I realized that my life had to drastically change. I dedicated myself to intense psychological & spiritual soul-searching. I was searching for a new successful way to re-program my thought process. Eventually I found Vipassana meditation, which led me to my Spiritual Awakening and a complete shift in my life path. After that, I began to study many different alternative new thought modalities, such as : Shamanism, Energy Healing, Merkabah Meditation, Akashic Record Reading, Tarot Card Readings, A Course in Miracles & Channelling Spirit Guides

As a Sound Healer, Artist, Spiritual Entrepreneur & Transformational coach, my life’s purpose is to help others release their own limiting beliefs and re- pattern their negative mental programs, to rediscover their joy, become  empowered, aligned to their highest potential and sovereign. Sovereign means completely self sufficient and not dependent mentally, emotionally or psychologically on any one or any thing. We may choose to attach ourselves to people places or things, but to be sovereign is to always know you are in control of your desires, and you are not hooked into dependencies.

My Soul’s Purpose, My spiritual mission

My whole life’s Journey has been one of creativity, self discovery & spiritual awakening. My ultimate goal is to achieve a state of unconditional love and use all my gifts and talents in service of the earth and humanity.

We all come into this life with a primary and secondary Soul Essence. These govern our personalities, and direct our life’s path. My primary Soul Essence is “the Creator” and my secondary Soul Essence that I came into this life with is “Spiritual Pursuits”.  I’m a charming libra with a flair for communication and a funny kind of jokester personality.

So I have made it my mission to bring spiritual issues into the main stream, in fact we are all spirits, having a human experience. We have forgotten what lies beyond the veil of this dense 3D matrix we are currently operating in. “Spirituality” to me, means, working to get back in touch with our essential divine nature. That is to transcend this limited reality. I also believe as so many do and teach now, that the Earth is going thru a profound Energy Shift, an Upgrade if you will, from 3D to 5D, this Dimension is the Frequency of Unconditional Love!

My three essential Soul qualities as follows:

Creativity, My Primary Soul Essence;

Music, painting, fashion design and writing are all included in this category. When “The Creator” is the primary theme, the person is driven by his or her innate talent. A need to create manifests itself at a young age and dominates the individual’s entire life.

Spirituality, My secondary theme;

The Quest to find a spiritual center is all-encompassing for people who pursue the Spirituality theme. When the full potential of this theme has been reached, these entities are far-sighted, compassionate, and magnanimous. But while still involved in the search, these entities must guard against being narrow and judgmental in their views. This is an issue that arose as a consequence of circumstance, not my soul mission/ purpose or identity, rather a challenge to overcome:

Emotionality – A strong theme in my life

Not only the euphoric highs and the devastating lows, but every subtle nuance of emotion will be felt by these entities. Frequently, emotionality is a secondary theme of poets and artists. As such, it will indeed enhance creativity while imposing a severe challenge. The recognition of a need for balance is vital here, as is the establishment of intellectual self-control.

Also my Primary Divine Soul Energy is Divine Creation, my Secondary Divine Soul Energy is Divine Self-Expression
(Learn more Primary Energy Centers here)

Once I began my Spiritual Awakening, I felt a strong desire to be in nature and out of “The Matrix” completely. Living in Tulum, Mexico these past five years I have been able to go deeper into my own consciousness and raise my Energy Frequency. I am so happy and blessed to share my gifts with the world. 

Love and Light,  Jennifer💕

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