jesusAh it’s Monday Morning and I feel so fresh!!!

What can give you a fresher start, than a sparkly new Monday morning!? Well how about the monday morning after Easter, the day to celebrate the Resurrection of the Christ?!!! Now THAT’s an immaculate new beginning !!!

So today is the first day of my brand new life…

Here in the jungle, of the Caribbean coast of Mexico, I awoke to some fresh early morning sun showers, a blessing for my orchids and fruit trees!!

plant plant2 plant5

Today the upstairs (bedroom) level of my casa will be complete. The new wood floor is varnished and so gorgeous, i want to keep this floor as free of clutter as possible!

floor3 floor4 floors2

We will move my new queen mattress upstairs, and hang my mosquito netting. We will add the jungle branch clothes rack and I will finally unpack my suitcases, after 6 months!!


I will take my first ever bath in my brand new Claw-foot bathtub!


(and cut my toenails which look a bit like the Orange monster from Bugs Bunny cartoons!!)


Today we will move out the clutter of boxes and bags, covered in cement dust and cobwebs, and unpack all the kitchen things once and for all!!

clutter clutter5

This will free up the “living room space” in the center of house, to make room for the new french doors,


which will open onto the new stone patio!! (Once it is made!!) The French doors will go where this window is currently.


Today we will right the wrongs of last week (i.e., re-install the backwards Garden Patio door facing in!!) and move forward into the exciting unknown future full of PROMISE!!!!

That reminds me, its time to meditate and do my manifestations for the day!!
As always ending love & light, and many golden blessings xoxo

Jennifer Govan


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