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I am so excited to help you increase your self confidence, unlock your creativity, and access your Soul’s highest potential!!

Begin implementing these five simple steps into your daily routine to begin clearing out all the negative thought programs and patterns that no longer serve you.
Every journey has a beginning, even the longest journey starts with just one step!! With each baby step comes progress, imperceptible at first, but over time one may cross the greatest of distances!

Here are my:

Five Steps to Align with your Soul’s Highest Potential


1) Meditate:

Set aside 20 to 30 minutes each morning and each evening for meditation.  Meditation is the practice of quieting the constant chatter of the mind and turn your focus inward. Even if you can only spare five minutes, it is beneficial! Any time you can devote will start you on your path of self discovery. If you don’t know how to meditate, it’s easy. You can look it up on the internet. No need to spend money or take fancy courses. Just find something that appeals to you. You can even listen to guided meditations found on You Tube.

Just light a candle, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Allow your thoughts to float through your mind without engaging in them, like passing clouds. Eventually thoughts will subside. When they do, you will find yourself in a state of alert awareness. Eckhart Tolle calls this state “Presence” – when our mind is still and we connect with the infinite.

2) Gratitude:

Make a habit each day to say positive words of thanks for all the blessings in your life. Speak these words out loud or not, but let your being be saturated with the frequency of Gratitude. Send blessings of love and light to those you love and to everyone & everything in the world. Once you have sent out these prayers of gratitude, then you may also ask for things that you desire, don’t be shy! Let the Universe know your heart’s desires! The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Prayer is healing, and primes your mind to cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude.

3) Set an Intention:

Establish a morning ritual or an evening ritual (or both), or just find any time that’s convenient during your day. Then set an intention for what you would like to invite into your life. You may ask to keep an open heart, an open mind, or to invite growth and miracles into your life each day. State your intention like this “I invite miracles into my life, and I shall be disciplined with my meditation practice every morning.” When I say create a ritual, I mean you create a sacred space in your mind for this task, and with honor it with your undivided attention. Write down your intention initially, then re-read it each day as part of your daily Intention ritual. You may keep this written intention somewhere where you can see it during the day. You may add to it or write a new one as you see fit. Remember to do this each day, this repeated action will ingrain your new thought pattern. And bring your intentions to fruition.

4) Visualize Your Goals:

Any time you have a quiet moment, close your eyes and see yourself happy, successful, abundant, in love, joyful, peaceful, etc. Whatever your goal may be. See yourself calmly resolving conflicts that arise in your life. Imagine the ideal solution to each challenge you face. Release judgment during this process, let go of the need to be right, practical, or even to be realistic! Just allow your thoughts to flow freely and be directed towards problem-solving. Invite Divine Guidance.

5) Exercise & Eat Healthy:

Demonstrate Self Love by making the best choices for your body. We don’t have to make extreme food choices or sacrifies. Moderation is key. Just make a healthy choice for yourself each day. Take a walk in nature, walk to the green market and pick out some fresh fruit! Make a delicious fruit salad or a smoothie. Buy fresh seasonal vegetables, cook and arrange them in a beautiful presentation. Be mindful to eat colorful fruits and vegetables (and don’t over cook them!) Adding these types of healthy choices to your diet give your self esteem a boost and add to your sense of well being!


I hope you enjoy these simple guidelines i have laid out for you.
May they lead you to a lightfilled place of joy and harmony in your life, and aid you on your journey to a Conscious, Joyful Spiritual Awakening!  Love is everywhere if we wake up to see it shining all around us!


If you found these tips helpful, click the button below to download a PDF of the 5 Steps for you to print out and keep, as well as a convenient cheat sheet reminder in the form of a bookmark 💜.

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Five Steps to Align with your Soul’s Highest Potential

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The KEY is clearing all negative thought patterns that may be running your mind and holding you black. These basic steps help you break negative thought patterns and tune into your intuition; your own Divine inner guidance.
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